Wednesday, June 29, 2011

happy birthday! {angry bird style.}

Happy Birthday to Superman! He turned another year older (and wiser and cuter) this week in trendy style with some Angry Bird cupcakes made by yours truly. I got the idea from a bunch of different blogs. Theirs looked SO much better than mine, but I think those people have their own bakeries. I'm pretty sure that makes a difference.

I made them using marshmallow fondant (minimallows, powdered sugar, water & shortening) and food gel coloring. It took a while, but fondant always does for me. Too bad it tastes disgusting to me...

Superman started playing Angry Birds on his phone a long time ago. (Maybe not THAT long ago, but it sure seems like a long time ago. I know it was well before Christmas...) I think someone mentioned the game app to him or something. He started playing it and one day told me about it. He said it was a very silly game, but it was very addicting. He started explaining the game, and I thought he had officially gone crazy. You sling shot birds into pigs? What? Why?

He had me try it. I got hooked. Then he put it on his iPad. The kids got hooked. I would take the iPad away from them and then start playing it myself. Just one more level....(but then I got stuck on this one level where a pig was underneath a wooden board, and I could not for the life of me kill that pig. I stopped playing. It was too maddening).

#3-child-of-mine (who is 3 years old) had the game mastered. We never explained to him what to do; he would pick up the iPad, get himself to that game app and start playing. He'd even enlarge the screen to see exactly where the pigs are. Then he'd shrink the screen, angle the birds, and let them fly. He'd kill all the pigs. Now he's obsessed with "the mighty eagle."

But thanks to those mean green pigs stealing the bird's eggs, we had a party theme. And some fond & funny memories of a computer game.

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  1. love it! yay yay yay the 29th of june is a great day for birthdays. i think for halloween #3 should be an angry bird. as long as you do not have to make the costume out of fondant. yikes!