Wednesday, June 1, 2011

moments of change.

Life is made up of changing moments. There are times when changing moments invite excitement, happiness, & a thrill. Other changing moments bring on a degree of heartache, loss, or despair. Some changing moments are so small they barely alter one's original course, while others can also move one's course onto an entirely new field.


I've decided (for a few reasons which shall remain nameless) I need to stop the biz aspect of photography for an indefinite time frame, and it's both exciting and heartbreaking all at once. I've purposefully been slowing it down for some time with the hopes that slowing things down would be my answer, that this would be what worked.

But it's not.


At this very moment my heart is breaking.

What is it about making a fleeting moment tangible? Or making an image appear as though it was in a dream but now on paper? I've loved photography since I was 14. And by love, I mean adore, be inspired by, can't-live-without, drool over, need-to-master-the-art type of love. I vividly remember my first "shoot" at 14. It included my 2 year old sister, her friend (we were babysitting him), a tree, some flowers and my first roll of black and white film. I shot all 12 exposures and ran (literally) to the SavOn right down the street and around the corner. I could not wait for those prints to come back 3-5 days later. I still have them, and they're terrible! But I love them.

I don't think I could ever stop capturing images, especially those images that are so precious and meaningful. Well, maybe if I lost all 10 fingers, but I'm sure I'd find a way to still take a photo.

Big or small, all changing moments open new doors to new paths. Here's to hoping that new path is weed-free. ;)

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